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Miami Is Ready to Proceed with Its Miami Beach Transit Plan


After much evaluation, Miami city commissioners have decided to proceed with the highly anticipated beach corridor transit plan that will connect the city to its neighbor Miami Beach. Part of Miami’s Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan which was introduced back in 2017, the ambitious effort focuses on implementing premium transit technology as well as an express bus express network. This premium transit may include a light rail system.

Part of the elaborate transit plan would focus on Miami to Miami Beach as well as improved transit between 5th Street at Alton Road in Miami Beach to the Government Center in Downtown Miami and other areas. These rapid transit corridors and express buses are at least partially aimed at increasing connectivity and transportation for nearly eighty percent of Miami-Dade residents that travel beyond their residential district to get to their jobs every day.

Are you excited to see the SMART plan finally move into motion? How do you feel about this lofty plan to improve transit between Miami and Miami Beach? You can read more about the plan by visiting the following link:

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