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Last Call in South Beach

Spring break is one of the most exciting times to be in South Beach but it’s also a time when the ambiance can get rowdy. After Miami Beach’s former mayor was unsuccessful in his effort to change Ocean Drive’s last call, the current mayor is following his example by taking a more meticulous approach.

Should Miami Beach’s current mayor have his way, the city’s entertainment districts would have an alcohol sales limit that would kick in at 2 am. This limit would remain in place for about seventeen days during March beginning on the 6th, which is typically Miami Beach’s spring break period. Currently, the city’s last call is 5 am.

Should the last call restrictions prove successful, areas like Washington Avenue, Ocean Drive, and Collins Avenue would be affected. It’s worth noting that the restrictions would apply to places like bars and restaurants where alcohol is generally consumed on site. Miami Beach already has limits in place regarding the sale of beer and wine in its supermarkets, convenience stores, and liquor stores.

Do you think this last call effort will help with keeping the spring break celebrations under control?

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