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Beaches Reopen and Restaurant Businesses Semi-Close

By now you’re probably familiar with the Miami-Dade County Mayor’s decision to place restrictions on indoor dining and various indoor venues. In case you haven’t heard, restaurants will be returning to the way they were before, meaning customers cannot dine within the restaurant. While they will be allowed to remain open, food orders will be limited only to takeout and delivery. Outdoor dining, however, will still be available.

In the mayor’s original order, fitness centers and gyms would also be required to close, but that order has since been changed. Instead, anyone visiting these places must wear a mask or they are required to maintain at least ten feet of distance from others if strenuous exercise is being performed without the use of a mask. This strenuous exercise needs to be done outside.

For those wishing to head to the sands of Miami Beach, beaches across Miami-Dade County are now open once again after being temporarily shut down due to the 4th of July weekend. The beaches are expected to remain open for the time being but the mayor has stated that they will be shut down if people fail to practice social distancing.

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