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Miami Beach’s Newest Food Hall Opens Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day, ladies and gentlemen. The hotly anticipated Time Out Market is finally opening its doors to the Miami Beach public. This sprawling 17,000+ square foot food hall will have over sixteen different eateries consisting of local and well-known names.

Out Market made its debut in Lisbon, Portugal where it quickly became a popular
attraction among tourists. By focusing on hiring the finest culinary talent in
the city and placing them all under a single roof, the food hall has taken off.
Best of all, the majority of the food items in Time Out Market hover around $20
and under, which means you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a great meal
in the barrier island.

you first step foot inside Time Out Market, the sheer amount of options
available may seem overwhelming, but it’s largely a matter of taking the time
to find what you like. Once you’ve checked out the menus and found something
you like, you’ll receive a pager that will buzz when your order is ready. Do
keep in mind, however, that if you intend to pay in cash then you’ll need to
head to the main entrance to purchase a Time Out card from the food hall

from seafood to desserts, drinks, and vegetarian options are available at Time
Out Market. We hope to see you there tomorrow!

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