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Do Your Hair, Have a Drink at The Blind Barber


When is the last time you visited The Nautilus by Arlo Hotel in Miami Beach? If it’s been a while, the hotel is probably not going to look the way you remember it. The city’s instantly recognizable Art Deco property recently received a considerable facelift, and the results appear to be earning it lots of praise.

A major highlight of The Nautilus by Arlo Hotel’s makeover is the small, trendy cocktail lounge nestled in the lobby called The Blind Barber. The name originated in New York where the first Blind Barber opened its door in the city’s East Village nine years ago. The Blind Barber can also be found in Los Angeles and Chicago.

True to its name, The Blind Barber functions as a classic barbershop and salon during the day but then transforms into a stylish bar when night falls. You can visit during the day, get your hair done for a night on the town and then return in the evening through the back doors of the shops for drinks and a fun time. Drink options include handcrafted cocktails which you can sip as you enjoy bites like grilled cheese sandwiches and bop your head to the live music.

The Blind Barber’s décor includes the use of luxuriant green and pink velvet seats, tables in terrazzo, walls in copper, plus a sizable projection wall used for screening films or sports games. The hours are from 10 am to 7 pm while the cocktail lounge opens at 5 pm. Both are open daily.

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